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We’re a family oriented company with 20+ years of experience in customer service. Enhance the look of your home or business and increase your property’s value. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision with excellent workmanship at competitive prices

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With YA’s Landscaping Services, you can expect quality. Committed to the highest of standards in the industry, we make sure we use the best equipment and materials. Additionally, we provide a reliable and trustworthy customer service to make sure your needs are met.
Residential & Commercial Landscaping
If you’re a homeowner, you understand the importance of good landscaping. Your home is your biggest investment so it’s important to have experienced professionals working to enhance the beauty and value of your house. Your business can look the best way it can with a well-designed landscape and hardscape. We’ll ensure your property looks as professional as it can with a well-manicured lawn, efficient draining systems, and healthy trees.

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Licensed & insured, we service residents in Montgomery County offering landscaping, tree services, draining system services, fences & more

Our aim is to enhance and protect your property by providing a first-grade landscape service. Our team of professional landscaping contractors ensure you’re left with a landscape that will make you feel proud of your home or business.

Senior citizens get a 10% discount

We offer a wide array of services to fit your landscaping needs.

Spring Cleanup

Don’t forget your yard in this important seasonal cleanup. From pruning your trees, clearing up the debris to general repair on your hardscape, we tackle everything on your spring cleanup checklist efficiently.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care services ensure your yard looks beautiful and healthy. Lawn mowing, edging, weed pulling, planting, reseeding, and more. We offer a full-service lawn care solution

Fence Installation & Repair

Your privacy is super important. Fences are great at giving you that privacy and protecting your property. If you have pets, good fences keep your furry friends in your home. We have different materials and styles available to match your needs.

Draining Systems

Protect your property from soil erosion. Water can really damage your soil if it’s unable to properly flow. So we have a variety of draining systems that can protect your home or business.


Mulch is the layer applied on the surface of the soil in order to provide needed nutrients, reduce weed growth, and preserve moisture. Besides giving you benefits for the overall health of your soil, it also has a visual appeal, making your yard look better.


This duct permits water to flow away from your roof. Ensuring your property’s walls and foundations aren’t damaged. It’s important to properly install them and maintain them.

Tree Services

From pruning to tree removal. We do it all when it comes to your trees. We ensure they not only look beautiful, but also are as healthy as they can.

Residential & Commecial

Tree Services in Montgomery County, Maryland

YA’s Landscaping Services, INC is a family owned and operated landscaping business with over 20 years of experience. Licensed and insured, we focus on giving our customers top service by providing a reliable and efficient service at competitive prices.


Remove Trees

YA's Landscaping Services removed eight trees from our backyard and did an outstanding job.

John S. in Silver Spring, MD
Remove Trees

I called them in the morning and they got it done that day. They cleaned up work area. Great price Highly recommend.

Robert D. in Potomac, MD
Remove Trees

They got the job done smooth and fast, went the extra mile, and charged exactly what they said.

Andrew K. in Gaithersburg, MD
Remove Trees

They were fast, reasonably priced and went above and beyond what I asked for!

Brandon W. in Columbia, MD